Camping Tips: Helpful tips for camping equipment

Camping Tipps: Hilfreiche Tipps für die Camping Ausrüstung

You want to enjoy a camping vacation, but do not really know where to start planning?

Then this article is just right for you! Here you will learn what is important when planning a camping vacation, what you need and what should not be missing in any case when camping.

Helpful tips on how to pack for your vacation and for the right camping equipment can also be found here.

What do you need for a camping holiday?

As the name suggests, for a camping vacation you need a tent or a caravan.

Then you still need an overview of suitable campsites. Depending on where and with whom you want to camp, the tent should have a certain shape and size.

If you want to go on a family camping vacation with children, you should look for a suitable campsite where, for example, animation programs and playgrounds are available.

Campers with dogs have again different requirements for the campsites. The proximity to the place of residence can be advantageous here, since car trips mean stress for many dogs.

Have you decided on a place and a tent, comes the right camping equipment. Take best of all a packing list to the hand, in order to forget nothing important. Note that the luggage remains within the limited scope, because you still have to transport it.

Camping made easy

There are different tent models that are suitable for different purposes. As a beginner, it can be difficult to keep track here. The tents differ in size, equipment and price range. Consider in advance how much money you want to spend and what you expect from your tent.

Dome tents

A dome tent is suitable for mountaineers and trekkers. They are lightweight and very stable, making them ideal for steep terrain and interspersed with rocks. The small footprint in the mountains is not a problem, because these tents do not take up much space.

Dome tent when camping in the mountains

Tunnel tents

Tunnel tents are suitable for hikers in flat areas. They offer a lot of space and weigh very little. However, these tents need quite a lot of space for pitching. Tunnel tents are suitable for camping with dog or with several people in flat areas. 

Family tents or comfort tents

Family tents are usually quite large and offer enough space for families of several people. In this tent it will not be too crowded and thus you do not squat on each other all the time. This tent is also suitable for camping campers and offers plenty of space for camping equipment. So the camping vacation is definitely fun! 

Camping in comfort tent at night


If you need more luxury and space and don't feel like camping, you can buy or rent a caravan. These are available in different price ranges and with different equipment. Of course, a camper is more expensive than a tent, but also offers more comfort. In addition to a kitchenette and a wet cell, there is a "real" bed, which can make camping vacations easier, especially for people with back pain.

The running costs for a motorhome are also higher than for a tent vacation. However, it is really worth it if you want to cook a lot on camping vacation and sleep in peace.

Camping in a mobile home on the shore of a mountain lake

Sleeping in the tent

If you want to sleep in a tent, you should look at some sleeping pads and alternatives in advance and try them out to see which one offers the best comfort. No one wants to wake up in the morning on vacation with a stiff neck and back pain.

The choice of pad is therefore very important. There are now sleeping pads in various designs and price categories. Among the most popular isomats are the self-inflating ones. This will save you time and effort in setting up your sleeping space. It is important that the pad is not too thin and is optimized to your weight. Many cheap isomats quickly lose air and so you may wake up at night lying on the floor.

Air mattresses are also suitable as a base. You should always put a sheet or blanket on the air mattress to prevent it from being damaged so quickly. Also consider whether you prefer to sleep in a sleeping bag or under a regular comforter.

Sleeping bags are easy to transport and offer numerous advantages. You can use them as a blanket or closed, so you can sleep comfortably on cold and warm nights.

Quilts are cozier and a real luxury for some sleeping bag muffins, but unlike the sleeping bag, they do not provide protection to the ground. The cold can penetrate unhindered and lead to cold nights despite a warm blanket.

Man looks out of a tent at the mountains with a cup in his hand

Packing list for camping and sleeping

  • Tarpaulin for the tent

  • sleeping mat, air mattress

  • Sleeping bag, duvet, pillow, bed sheet

  • Flashlight, camping lamp

  • earplugs

  • Air pump (possibly electric)

The right campsite for camping beginners

Campsites suitable for families

For a family camping vacation are suitable child-friendly campsites with recreational activities, playgrounds and animation program. Ideally, the campsite should be located in the greenery, so you do not have to constantly keep an eye on your charges for fear that someone will run in front of a car.

For solo travelers or couples

You feel the urge for freedom and just want to go and experience adventure? Then pack your tent and live your dream. If you are unbound, you can go anywhere. Whether in the middle of nature, between mountains or in a city, couples and solo travelers have the opportunity to try everything their heart desires.

The dog should be with

Four-legged friends feel especially at home in quiet natural areas, where they can let off steam undisturbed and do not have to worry about crowds of people or speeding drivers. If you want to take your four-legged friend camping, it is best to choose a camping location nearby, as long car rides mean stress for many dogs. Otherwise, camping with dog is perfect for you and your darling and can strengthen the bond even more.

Glamping: pure luxury in nature

Those who need a little more luxury, but still want to camp, should try the concept of "glamping". Glamping stands for glamorous and luxurious camping and is especially popular with people who do not want to sacrifice a certain standard on their vacation. Glamping accommodations are equipped with comfortable beds, a private bathroom and beautiful furniture. There are different glamping options: from Indian tents to igloos to tree houses, it's all there.

Glamping the perfect option for those who want to sleep under the stars and experience nature up close. In addition, glamping offers a good start for camping beginners, because you do not have to give up the usual standards and can still get to know the life in the green and on the campsite.

Glamping tent on a meadow with trees in the background

Wild camping: rules & prohibitions

In principle, wild camping is prohibited in Germany. This applies to both forest and nature reserves. However, if you want to spend the night in the wild, you can do so on a meadow or in the forest. For recreational purposes, one may enter open landscapes and stay there for a short time. How long is "short" is not defined. You'd better not have all your camping gear with you if you want to avoid trouble.

Make sure that you are not on private property, because for that you would need the permission of the owner.

The necessary equipment when camping

A packing list is the be-all and end-all before any trip, even more important when camping, because if you forget something from home, you can't just ask at the reception. So if you forget something important, it can quickly spoil the fun.

Campers in the nature have additionally a further way to the next supermarket. So think of enough provisions and the right kitchen utensils. A camping trip without the sharp knife or gas stove quickly becomes a sad affair when preparing food.

Camping gear with backpack, hiking boots and supplies

Packing list: documents

Among the important documents that you should not forget as a camping beginner are the identity card or passport, the health insurance card and your EC card.
In Germany, identification is mandatory, so if you want to avoid problems with the police, these documents should definitely be on your packing list for the camping vacation.

If you are traveling with children, you still need to think about the children's ID.

Tips: Overall, you should have these documents with you:

      • child ID card

      • Passports / ID cards

      • driver's license

      • Copies of the most important documents

      • Travel documents / booking documents

      • Travel Guides / Maps

      • Pitch and camping guide

      • Health insurance card / international health insurance

      • Cash / debit card / credit card

      • Emergency telephone numbers (e.g. bank, ADAC)

Packing list: Overview of necessary clothing

Especially if you are traveling with children, waterproof and mosquito-proof clothing should be packed so that the camping trip is a complete success for the children.

Newcomers to camping vacations often underestimate the mosquito plague. A good alternative to mosquito sprays are mosquito-proof pants and shirts. You can order these quite cheaply on the Internet.

So that the camping experience does not fall into the water even in bad weather, waterproof clothing should be packed, at least as a reserve. So no matter what time of year, an outdoor jacket and outdoor pants should be on your packing list to protect yourself from rain, wind and cold.

Tips: These things should also be on your packing lists if you are new to camping:

      • swimwear

      • Fleece sweater/jacket

      • baselayer

      • Belt

      • Pants / shorts / jeans

      • Hat / Caps / Hats

      • t shirt

      • Shirt/blouse, mosquito-proof

      • Rain cape/ rain jacket

      • pajamas / pyjamas

      • socks

      • sunglasses

      • Trekking trousers, mosquito-proof

      • Hiking / functional socks

      • sturdy shoes, waterproof if necessary

Packing lists for basics, tent, accessories, tools & Co.

Camping in nature is becoming a trend for young and old. Most passionate campers no longer just want to travel with the most necessary equipment , but also like to treat themselves to a certain degree of luxury.

Outdoor equipment, such as chairs, table and loungers should not be missing on the campsite. For camping newcomers it can be difficult at the beginning to estimate the necessary amount of camping equipment correctly. Basically, the rule here is: for each person a seat and a kitchen set (cutlery, plate, cup).

Since you must not exceed the weight of your camper, each piece of luggage must be calculated into the total weight. Of course, there is still a difference if you are traveling with a camper or sleeping on a campsite when camping.

Here you can see an overview of the necessary equipment for a family camping:

      • Accommodation: family tent/roof tent/camper/caravan

      • The basics: things to sleep on (sleeping bag, bed linen, mattress/isomat)

      • Outdoor furniture: table, camping chair, lounger

      • Boxes and cupboards to keep things tidy when camping

      • Awning/ rear tent/ awning/ awning

      • Cooking utensils & camping kitchen: gas cooker/gas oven, coffee maker, grill, crockery

      • Lighting: LED lamps, flashlights

      • Camping shower, composting toilet, hygiene items

      • long-life food & cool box

      • emergency box

      • Mosquito spray/ mosquito net/ anti-mosquito lamp

      • Tool

      • CEE power plug and cable drum

      • outdoor clothing

      • Camping games for the whole family

Packing list: Cooking at the campsite

Cooking on a camping vacation is of course not quite as convenient as cooking in the kitchen at home, but it's all a matter of organization and getting used to it. Those with children may want to consider booking accommodation with a kitchenette for the vacation. After all, a fixed stove and oven, a dishwasher and a normal kettle make a lot easier in everyday life.

Even if you don't need a big menu to be full and happy, it's always worth having enough snacks with you to avoid hungry waiting.

Cooking with the camping kitchen takes longer and is more cumbersome than you know it from home. Since no one wants to live only on canned ravioli on vacation and especially children need a balanced diet, it makes sense to take some basic foods such as oil, spices, pasta, etc. and buy fresh food on site.

Having the right equipment will make cooking on vacation easier. If you don't want to eat with your hands, you should think about compact outdoor tableware. Plates, cutlery and cups should be made of lightweight material and fold compactly to save space and weight.

This outdoor equipment you should have with you when camping:

      • dishes

      • Knives, forks, spoons (alternative for minimalists: Spork)

      • Pans

      • pots

      • cooking spoon

      • Sharp kitchen knife

      • cutting board

      • colander and large bowl

      • scissors

      • tin opener

Camping stove, pots and cutlery on a camping table

If you want to barbecue on vacation, you should also take a grill with you. Barbecuing together after a long, tiring and eventful day not only brings people together, but also provides a delicious menu for hungry stomachs.

The price varies from grill to grill. Opt for a lightweight, compact grill that can withstand wind and weather.

These accessories you should take with you to the barbecue:

      • Grill, grate and charcoal

      • Barbecue tongs

      • lighter or matches

      • cleaning supplies

      • Dishwashing liquid, sponge, tea towel

      • dishwashing bowl (maybe a collapsible one)

      • garbage bag

Packing list: Camping hygiene

Before you leave, put everything you need for your personal hygiene. In principle, you need the same things on the camper tour as at home:

      • toothpaste and toothbrush

      • shower gel and shampoo

      • shaving kit

      • towels/ travel towels

      • Some toilet paper and/or handkerchiefs

      • It is best to have your own camping toilet like the BOXIO - TOILET

      • deodorant or perfume

      • Personal needs such as contact lenses, tampons for the ladies, hair dryer, etc.

When camping, you can best use toilet bags with a hook. Since not all washrooms have enough space to put things, you can best use utensils that you can hang.

Top tips clearly include your own toilet paper and bath slippers. Good campgrounds regularly restock soap and toilet paper, but you can't always count on it. If it's urgent, no one wants to have to go in search of toilet paper.

Having your own toilet is especially advantageous at night, so you do not have to go out in the cold in the dark. With the BOXIO - TOILET there is a super compact toilet that is easy to transport, does not smell unpleasant and does not require chemicals. Best of all, unlike many other dry composting toilets, this model is extremely affordable and perfect for the smaller budget. 

Bathroom slippers should also always take with you to the washroom. Even if the cleaning goes through here several times a day, bacteria can settle on the constantly wet floor.

Washing clothes at the campsite

There are many tips for doing laundry while camping. For short vacations, you can even avoid washing by taking enough clothes in advance.

However, if you go away for a long time, this will not be possible. For longer trips, you can take advantage of the laundry service or wash small items by hand in the sink. However, the latter is usually not so welcome.

The laundry service costs extra, but gives you more time for nice things. And it is precisely for the beautiful experiences that you actually go on vacation. You get your laundry clean and ironed again and could relax in the meantime.

Camping equipment for the beach trip

Der optimale Sommerurlaub, vor allem mit Kindern, ist für viele Familien am Strand oder an einem See. Mit dem Ausflug zum Wasser beginnt auch die Entspannung.

Denken Sie an einen Sonnenschirm oder eine Strandmuschel. Es kann nützlich sein, wenn Sie keinen direkten Stellplatz am Wasser haben und sich den ganzen Tag vor der Sonne am Strand schützen müssen.

Strandmuscheln haben allerdings einen klaren Vorteil, wenn es neben dem Sonnenschutz auch um Windschutz geht. Die Strandmuschel bietet Schutz vor Sonne und Wind, was vor allem im Norden sehr praktisch ist.

Sie fliegt auch nicht so leicht weg, wie ein Sonnenschirm. Allerdings ist der Aufbau etwas komplizierter und dauert ein paar Minuten länger, als beim Sonnenschirm.

Sonnenmilch mit UV-Schutz und eine Sonnenbrille dürfen natürlich auch nicht fehlen.

Viele Campingplätze bieten Stellplätze direkt am Wasser und sind daher sehr beliebt. Holen Sie sich rechtzeitig Infos über mögliche Stellplätze und reservieren Sie sich einen Platz am Wasser.

Es kann sein, dass es etwas mehr kosten wird, aber es lohnt sich, sowohl für Ihre Kinder, als auch für Sie! Wer hört nicht gerne morgens im Halb-Schlaf das Plätschern vor der Tür.

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