5 tips for finding a parking space with the camper

5 Tipps für die Stellplatzsuche mit dem Camper

You've bought a camper or motorhome and now you want to travel the world.
Everything is packed, you sit down in your new vehicle and off you go. But wait a minute. Where are you going anyway?

Campsite or free standing?

We recommend that you think about where you want to go next to your destination country in advance.

The first question is where you want to stay. Would you prefer a campsite with showers, electricity and lots of other campers or would you rather be outdoors with lots of nature, but also without electricity from the socket, without a shower and toilet?
Ideally, you should be able to provide for yourself with these things.

Search on paper or on your cell phone?

Would you rather have something tangible and search for pitches in a camping guide or do you find an app more practical?

You can find campsites very easily in the camping guide if you prefer this format.
There is, for example, the "ACSI Camping Guide", the "ADAC Pitch Guide Germany/Europe" or the "Landvergnügen Deutschland: Der andere Stellplatzführer Saison 2020".

If your internet goes down completely, a camping guide like this can be very helpful, especially if you like to visit campsites.

Alternatively, there are numerous apps available. The "park4night" app stands out in particular, as it shows not only classic campsites but also free-standing pitches.
These are virtually found and marked by campers for campers. If you find a new pitch, you can register it there. But the app has much more to offer.

You will find private pitches (pitches offered by private individuals) that we can recommend from our own experience. You usually have electricity and a shower there, but there are often only 1-2 pitches available, which on the other hand gives you a lot of privacy. But there are also things for everyday use in the camper such as launderettes, gas filling stations, picnic areas and much more.

In addition to the picture of the pitch, you can see directly from the user reviews what the pitch looks like and whether it is worth a trip.
The ADAC and ACSI also offer an app. Here you can find the classic campsites in the same way as on paper.

Another option

You can use Google Maps to see via satellite view whether you can pitch at your desired location. Here you can also explore the area directly.
In addition, if you enter "...nearby", you can actually search for almost everything you need for everyday use.

The offers at a glance:


The price



free of charge

(Upgrade 10€ per year for e.g. a filter function)

- Free Womo pitch
- Paid Womo pitch - Private Womo pitch
- Picnic area
- Rest area
- Supply and disposal without parking
- Campsite
- Additional services
- Reception among private individuals
- On the farm (farm, winegrower etc.) - Off road (4×4) - Parking day and night - Day parking - On the farm (farm, winegrower etc.))
- Off road (4×4)
- Parking day and night
- Day parking
- Surrounded by nature
- Gas filling stations
- Laundromats

ACSI Camping

from 0,99€

(app + country packages)

- Campsites
- Pitches

ADAC Camping


- Comprehensive site descriptions
- Versatile search functions
- Favorites functions and navigation connection
- Can be used completely offline except for map view
- Integrated digital discount card ADAC Campcard

Google Maps

free of charge

- Campsites
- Pitches
- Parking spaces
- Rest areas
- Campsites (search via satellite view)
- Supermarkets
- Markets
- Food
- Laundrettes

Avoid at all costs!

You've been on the road for a few hours in your camper or motorhome and just want to sleep?
We can understand that, but avoid sleeping at rest areas. In France in particular, organized gangs use the night to rob campers and motorhomes.

The driver's cabin in particular, when everyone is asleep in the back, is a very popular target for thieves. But we also advise you to avoid large cities and conurbations.
If you are in a big city like Barcelona, we recommend that you always look for a guarded parking space.

Our final tip is to listen to your instincts, no matter what time you arrive at a pitch.
If you have a queasy feeling, check one of the apps or Google Maps again and drive a few kilometers further.

Otherwise, we wish you a safe journey and look forward to seeing which one is your favorite on your trip. One thing is for sure, you're sure to get to know exciting, great places and people.

Your BOXIO team

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