Build your own macramé fruit net

Baue dein eigenes Makramee-Obstnetz

Want to give your camper or RV a very special look?
Then a DIY macramé fruit net is just the thing for you! The macramé fruit net is a practical and decorative storage place for your fruit in the camper. Here, in just 8 steps, you'll learn how to easily make a pretty net to store apples or pears from a little cotton cord.

You will need cotton cord in the following lengths:

  • 1 x 50 cm
  • 1 x 100 cm 
  • 12 x 200 cm

Step 1

First, lay the 100 cm piece of cord as a circle and knot it.

Step 2         

You take one of the 12 x 200 cm ribbons and put it together in the middle, form a loop and pull the end through the loop. 


This is how it should look then. 

Step 3

Now repeat this with all 12 cotton ribbons, pushing them so that they are all about the same distance apart in the circle. 

Step 4

Then take two strings and tie them together with a conventional knot. 

Step 5

Once you're around, take two of the 4 strings and knot them with the two of another knot. 

Here you can see again exactly how it should look.

Step 6

You do this until there is only a short section of string left. 

Step 7

With the remaining 50 cm piece of cord, simply tie the strings with a knot at the bottom.

Step 8

You just wrap the cord around a bit, comb the bottom cord pieces up a bit, and push the top ribbons to the side a bit so you have two handles.

Your homemade fruit net is ready.

Of course, if you make the cord pieces longer or shorter, you can also make a correspondingly smaller or larger fruit net.
Have fun with the implementation!

Your Boxio Team

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