Camping sink: a must-have for every outdoor fan

Sauberes Geschirr nach Abwasch, gestapelt auf einem Tisch, im Hintergrund ein Camper

Sauberes Geschirr nach Abwasch, gestapelt auf einem Tisch, im Hintergrund ein Camper

For many people, cooking and eating outdoors is a highlight of camping or outdoor activities. But who hasn't experienced this: after a meal, pots, pans and dishes pile up and need to be cleaned. Without a washing-up facility, this task is often difficult and unhygienic. This is where a camping sink is worth its weight in gold. It is a practical solution for cleaning dishes hygienically and conveniently in the open air. In this article, you can find out more about how versatile camping sinks are and what you should look out for when buying one

Camping sinks: In and around the camper

Camping sinks come in different designs: some are permanently installed in the camping kitchen, while others are mobile. In this article, we will focus on the mobile version, as you can wash up wherever you want. This means that you don't have to spend your time washing up in the camper while the warm summer night calls you outside. What's more, the big advantage of a mobile sink is that you can also use it for other purposes. You'll be amazed!

Mobile camping sink: can be used in many places

  • In the camper , a sink is one of the feel-good basics. You can wash your dishes independently whenever you want. If you also buy a mobile sink, it can be stowed away in between, giving you more work space in the camping kitchen. You can also decide where you want to do the washing up.

  • A mobile camping sink is a real survival tipat festivals . You can clean your dishes and cooking or barbecue utensils at any time. You always have a seat with you on top. Or if you're not that tall, you can even use the sink as a stool.

  • ✅ When traveling by car, the camping sink always ensures the necessary hygiene - no matter what, you can clean it: your thermo coffee mug, your sports drinking bottle, your sticky hands or hands covered in oil after changing a tire.

  • You'll make an impressionat picnics and BBQs in the park if you've even thought of the practical camping sink. No I-grease-my-hands-on-the-napkin-but-they're-still-greasy. And also no we-throw-all-the-dirty-dishes-together-and-take-care-of-them-at-home, which nobody wants to do anyway.

  • A sink is a must invending trolleys, food trucks and the like. Did you know that the choice of your sink or sink system is a space issue in two respects? Firstly, in terms of storage space in the truck and secondly, where you can also stand with your sales trolley. If you don't want to be tied to a drinking water and waste water connection, a mobile (camping) sink gives you more freedom in choosing your pitch.

  • ✅ In the allotment garden, you no longer have to chauffeur dishes back and forth between the garden and home to clean them. With the mobile camping sink, you can wash up directly on site without producing illegal waste water. This is ensured by the drinking and waste water canister. Washing your hands is also a great idea with the camping sink.

  • On construction sites , you can do without disposable crockery with the mobile camping sink. This avoids unnecessary waste and protects the environment. The sink is also great for washing your hands after going to the porta-potty.

  • ✅ In the garage, you and your buddies can screw things together, drink a beer or just hang out. Your retreat is completed with a camping sink, which gives you the water access you've been missing.

  • ✅ At home in the event of a power cut/blackout , washing up remains convenient with the mobile camping sink because you don't have to lift a canister to pour it over your dirty dishes, but can turn the tap on and off as usual. This little bit of normality when washing up can help to reduce stress in an already tense exceptional situation. That's why the camping sink should be on your crisis preparedness checklist.

  • ✅ When fishing, camping and barbecuing can be perfectly combined. It's handy to have a compact camping sink with you. This allows you to wash your fish after gutting it and wash the dishes after a delicious meal.

  • Dirty dishes won't pile upon the boat during a day trip or a multi-day cruise if you have a mobile camping sink. You can also use the sink directly as a washbasin for washing your hands.

Advantages of mobile camping sinks

  • Portable and easy to transport

  • No electricity or water connection required

  • Hygienic solution for on the go

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

  • A mobile camping sink solves the bottleneck everywhere

What you should look out for when buying a camping sink

  • 🔝 S ustainability means conserving resources. Therefore, when buying your camping sink, pay attention to durability and recycled materials.

  • 🔝Transportability allows you to use the camping sink indoors or outdoors and take it with you wherever you go.

  • 🔝 Stability is important to ensure that the mobile camping sink is stable so that you don't accidentally flood the camper when washing up.

  • 🔝 The compact format ensures that you can use the camping sink in a space-saving way and then stow it away. You can also easily pack it on the luggage rack of your motorcycle or bicycle and simply tuck it under your arm.

  • 🔝 S ufficient filling capacity is possible if the water canisters of your mobile sink are large enough. This means you have to fill up the water and empty the waste water tank less often. This makes an uninterrupted wash cycle easily possible!

  • 🔝 Assembly should be quick and easy so that you enjoy using your camping sink often.

  • 🔝 Accessories must be purchased separately for some sinks for campers - for example, a pump or tap. So make sure you buy a well thought-out complete solution.

  • 🔝 Easy to clean means wash out with a cloth and some washing-up liquid and you're done. Plastic is a particularly suitable material here, making it super easy to keep your camping sink clean and attractive.

BOXIO-WASH: The camping sink in Eurobox format

The BOXIO-WASH is a gift for all outdoor fans, as the camping sink doesn't need a power or water connection, so you can use it anywhere and take it with you . In addition, all parts - such as the water canister, waste water tank, pump and tap - are housed in a compact Eurobox format. This has the advantage that you never have to fiddle around with two washing-up bowls again , because everything is in one box - fresh water and waste water included.

How does the BOXIO-Wash camping sink work?

BOXIO-Wash Komplettansicht: schwarze Eurobox mit umgeklapptem Deckel, Pumpe und Wasserhahn BOXIO-Wash Innenansicht mit Wasserkanister und Abwasserbehälter sowie SchlauchsystemBOXIO-Wash von oben: Pumpe und Wasserhahn sind heruntergeklappt

There are two canisters inside the Eurobox: one for fresh water and one for waste water as well as a hose system. With the help of a small hand pump, you build up overpressure and water runs as soon as you turn on the tap or stops running when you turn off the tap. After rinsing, release the pressure at the valve of the hand pump, turn the small pump and the tap over and close the lid of your camping sink. Now you can sit on it or stow away the BOXIO-Wash and simply enjoy how easy washing up has become for all outdoor fans.


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