Checklist - winterize your camper/caravan

Checkliste - Wohnmobil/Wohnwagen winterfest machen

After a great time in your caravan or motorhome, summer is over and winter is just around the corner. To make sure you get as much enjoyment out of your vehicle next year, it's important to take some precautions.
To make things easier for you, here's a more detailed checklist and at the end of the post you'll find a PDF file to print out and check off.
Let's go.

Inner space

clear out food
We recommend you check every corner to see if there are any food supplies left. A can exploded by frost or pest infestation are really the horror to start a new season.

Clean refrigerator
It's best to clean really thoroughly once and keep the door open over the winter, for example, by using a towel, so that mold can't form.

Clear away toiletries and bathroom utensils
Just like canned goods, grooming products can freeze and explode in the winter. No one needs.

Protect upholstery and textiles from mold
In winter, some moisture will always enter your vehicle. That is why we recommend you to put up the upholstery and remove textiles such as towels.

Clean furniture gently
Who does not know it, during a trip or after the weekend trip no one feels like washing the upholstery. Hibernation is the perfect opportunity to make up for it and who doesn't like to start the new season fresh.

Interior cleaning - sweep, wipe, vacuum
The same applies to interior cleaning. It's just more fun when you don't find last year's dirt in the spring. Besides, mice find every crumb and quickly nest.y.

Turn off the gas supply
Close the gas taps in the interior.

Empty water tanks, filters & lines
Frozen water expands. Thus, it would be fatal if you still have water in your tanks & lines. We recommend draining it and cleaning the tanks and lines directly.


On the outside of the vehicle

Wash and maintain vehicle
We recommend that you wash off the outside of your caravan or motor home. This way you can see if there is any paint damage that needs to be repaired before winter.

underbody protection
An underbody wash is also recommended before a longer winter break.
It is also best to look directly for damage and improve it with underbody protection.

Clean windows & maintain rubbers
The best way to treat the door and window rubbers is with a talcum pencil or glycerine.

Oil door locks & hinges
This will prevent them from freezing on you.

increase tire pressure
We recommend that you increase your tire pressure because it decreases due to the cold weather in winter.
A good value is about plus 0.5 bar above your normal pressure. In spring/summer you should remember to deflate them again.

Place brake wedges
It is essential to use brake wedges and not to leave the handbrake applied. The brake pads can stick to the brake disc.

Close the gas supply
Close the main cock on the gas bottle or gas tank.


Only for the mobile home

Winterize the windshield washer system
Fill the fluid reservoir with antifreeze and lift the wiper. This way, nothing can freeze in or solidify.

Check antifreeze
Check the antifreeze content in the radiator water and top up if necessary. You can ask a workshop to test this for you (often free of charge) or you can buy an antifreeze tester at a hardware store at a reasonable price.

Check battery acid level
The acid level of the surface-mounted and starter battery should be checked before the winter break (in the case of a wet battery, fill up with distilled water).

charge batteries
There is a possibility to keep the battery fresh with a trickle charge. If this is not available, it should be charged externally with a charger every month (Applies only to the starter battery).

fill up
If you have a metal tank, this is especially important because the temperature differences cause moisture to form in the tank, which can cause rust.
If already available, winter diesel is a good choice.



Only for the caravan

Grease body brake
The body brake and hand brake should be greased (according to manufacturer's instructions).

Support the caravan and grease the drawbar wheel
Exactly the same with these two helpers.

Ball coupling provided with protective hood
A protective cover on the drawbar protects against rust.

Jack up the caravan
If the caravan stands in the same place over the winter months, it is advisable, because otherwise a flat tire can occur, which permanently deforms the tire.


Monthly errands

  • Push the camper or caravan back by a quarter of a wheel turn (if the camper is not jacked up).
  • Open doors and windows and ventilate well.
  • Charge battery when there is no trickle charge.

That's it for our checklist for the winter.
Here you can easily download a short form to check off, check it off on your phone or print it out and hang it on the fridge, for example.
If you follow all our tips, you'll be ready for the new season in spring/summer and you won't have any nasty surprises.

Your BOXIO team

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