Gas stove guide 2024: Everything you need to know about areas of use and selection

Gaskocher Guide 2024: Alles, was du über Einsatzgebiete und Auswahl wissen musst

Imagine you are standing in the middle of a breathtaking mountain landscape, far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, enjoying the freedom and tranquillity of nature. But even in moments like these, hunger strikes at some point. This is where the gas stove comes into play - your faithful companion that allows you to enjoy a warm meal or a hot coffee anywhere and at any time. Gas stoves are no longer just the tools of campers and hikers. They can be used in a variety of ways, whether camping, at festivals, in emergency situations or even during power cuts at home. In this blog post, I'll show you the different types of gas stoves available, how they work and, above all, how you can use them in a wide variety of situations. I'll give you tips on how to find the right gas stove for your needs and share exciting recipe ideas that will take your outdoor cooking skills to the next level. Let's discover together how a gas stove can revolutionize your culinary adventure in the great outdoors.

Gas stove | BOXIO - COOK

The BOXIO COOK is a premium gas stove for outdoor cooking. The practical design in the Eurobox combined with a stainless steel construction with adjustable gas flame and storage space for cooking utensils and gas cartridges ensures safety and convenience. Ideal for your next camping, vanlife or outdoor experience.
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Gas stove | BOXIO - COOK

Cooking outdoors: Gas stove for camping and outdoor activities

Do you love being out in nature and getting some fresh air? Then you know how practical a gas stove can be! These small, portable stoves are ideal for camping and any outdoor activity. Imagine sitting around a campfire and sizzling some sausages or cooking a hearty stew right under the stars - no problem with a camping stove!

But the uses for gas stoves go far beyond the campsite. They are also perfect companions when hiking, fishing or even at festivals, where you can prepare your meals quickly and easily. Gas stoves are also a reliable option in the event of a power cut at home or a picnic in the park. In short, they are super flexible to use and should not be missing from any outdoor equipment. Pack your gas stove and enjoy the freedom to whip up delicious meals anywhere!

The gas stove is your best friend when camping or doing other outdoor activities. Imagine sitting at your campsite after a long hike and the smell of freshly cooked food wafting through the air - that's pure freedom. Gas stoves are super practical because they are quick to set up and easy to use. Not only can you use them to boil water for your coffee or tea, you can also prepare delicious meals such as pasta, stews or even pancakes. They are lightweight and compact, making them the ideal companion for any trip. Whether you're traveling alone or with a group, a gas stove definitely makes the outdoor experience more enjoyable and delicious. So, pack your gas stove and enjoy the freedom of being able to cook anywhere!

Emergency preparedness: gas stove as a backup in the event of a power cut

If the power goes out again, you are well prepared with a gas stove. This little helper is ideal for emergency preparedness because it works independently of the power grid. Whether due to storms, technical faults or other unforeseen events - with a gas stove you can prepare hot meals and boil hot water for tea or coffee. It is quick to set up and easy to use, which is particularly valuable in stressful situations. In addition, gas stoves are very reliable and can be operated with different types of gas, making them an indispensable tool for your crisis preparedness. Remember to always have a gas reserve so that you are well supplied in an emergency.

Mobile kitchen: gas stoves for food trucks and catering services

Gas stoves are super practical when you're on the go and still want to prepare delicious food. They are a real must for food trucks because they are mobile, easy to use and heat up quickly. You can use them to conjure up everything from burgers to gourmet dishes. Gas stoves are also popular with catering services because they can be set up in almost any location. Whether it's an outdoor wedding or a corporate event, a gas hob ensures you have a warm kitchen. And the best thing is that you are not dependent on power sources, which gives you a lot of flexibility. Whether at festivals, markets or private parties, you are always well equipped with a gas stove.

Hiking and trekking: lightweight gas stoves for on the go

Every gram counts when hiking and trekking, which is why lightweight gas stoves are a must for your outdoor adventure. These practical companions fit in every rucksack and ensure that you can enjoy a hot meal even on the highest peaks or in the most remote valleys. It's not just their compactness, but also their ease of use that makes gas stoves the first choice for outdoor enthusiasts. You can boil water for a hot coffee or tea in a flash - a real relief after a long stage. They are also more environmentally friendly than open fires as they leave no trace. With a gas stove, you are independent of fireplaces and can plan your route more flexibly, as you carry your kitchen with you.

Gas stoves at festivals and events: Quick and easy food preparation

Hey, imagine you're at a festival and you get hungry. With a gas stove, you're at a real advantage. Not only can you quickly whip up a hot meal, but you're also completely independent of fixed food stalls. And at events? You'll score points for flexibility with a gas stove. Whether for a small stand or outdoor catering - you are always ready to serve delicious food. No waiting for power connections, just plug in the gas cylinder and off you go. This leaves more time for the essentials: Enjoyment and a good mood!

DIY projects: Gas stoves for outdoor cooking stations and barbecue areas

Hey, are you a fan of DIY projects and love being outdoors? Then a gas stove is just the thing for you! With a gas stove, you can set up an outdoor cooking station or barbecue area in no time at all. Whether you're camping, in the garden or even on the balcony - the gas stove is super flexible and easy to use. Not only can you use it to boil water or prepare your favorite soup, you can also grill. It's ideal for a cozy get-together with friends or family. And the best thing is: you don't have to rely on fixed barbecue areas and can show off your cooking skills anywhere. So, grab your gas stove and off you go on your outdoor cooking adventure!

Gas stove for the garden: cozy outdoor cooking

Do you love cooking outside in your garden? A gas stove can be your perfect companion. Imagine preparing a delicious meal surrounded by flowering beds and the smell of fresh grass. Gas stoves are great for garden parties, barbecuing right in front of guests or setting up an outdoor kitchen. They are easy to use and quick to set up. Whether roasting sausages, grilling vegetables or even an outdoor candlelight dinner - cooking in the garden becomes a real experience with a gas stove. Plus, you don't have to keep going in and out to get ingredients or cooking utensils. Everything you need is right at your fingertips. So, grab your gas stove and enjoy the freedom of cooking in the great outdoors!

Passive cool box | BOXIO - COOL

The BOXIO COOL is the ideal passive cool box for short trips, camping, vanlife, shopping and outdoor kitchens. Made from food-safe material, this cool box offers a sustainable and safe solution for your cooling needs.
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passive Kühlbox

Camping cooking stations in comparison: the top 8 models for your DIY camper

When you're on the road with your camper, camping isn't just an adventure in the great outdoors, you also want to be well catered for. Especially if you want to convert your camper van yourself, but it is a mini camper, or you prefer a mobile kitchen, you need a good and quick solution.

With the right camping cooking stations, preparing meals outdoors becomes a real experience. In this article, we present seven different models that are known for their reliability, efficiency and ease of use.

1 BOXIO COOK gas cooker

The BOXIO COOK revolutionizes outdoor cooking with its innovative, mobile cooking station. Equipped with a stainless steel construction, integrated storage space for cooking utensils and gas cartridges, as well as a powerful, adjustable flame, it offers a superior alternative to conventional gas stoves. The BOXIO COOK is part of the BOXIO system, making it easy to stack and transport, and its safety features such as ignition protection and tip-proof design make it particularly suitable for outdoor use. Compared to traditional gas stoves, the BOXIO COOK scores with an outstanding combination of performance, safety and ease of use, making it the ideal choice for anyone looking to enhance their outdoor cooking experience. Experience how the BOXIO COOK simplifies and enriches your outdoor cooking.

  • Robust construction: Made from high quality stainless steel, the BOXIO COOK is both durable and easy to clean.
  • Modularity and mobility: As part of the BOXIO system, the cooking station can be easily stacked and securely connected with other products such as WASH or COOL, ideal for transportation.
  • Powerful and adjustable flame: With an output of 1500 watts and the ability to precisely regulate the flame, it offers unrivaled cooking performance.
  • Safety and stability: Equipped with an ignition safety device and a tilt-proof design, the BOXIO COOK offers additional safety for cooking outdoors.

Gas stove | BOXIO - COOK

The BOXIO COOK is a premium gas stove for outdoor cooking. The practical design in the Eurobox combined with a stainless steel construction with adjustable gas flame and storage space for cooking utensils and gas cartridges ensures safety and convenience. Ideal for your next camping, vanlife or outdoor experience.
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Gas stove | BOXIO - COOK

2nd Jetboil Flash Cooking System

Jetboil cooking stations are known for their speed and efficiency. The Flash Cooking System is particularly popular. With an integrated heating system and a simple operating mechanism, it enables lightning-fast cooking, perfect for travelers who are short on time. The compact design makes it easy to transport.

Link: here

3. campingaz Camp Bistro 3

The Campingaz Camp Bistro 2 is an affordable yet powerful cooking station. With a compact design and simple one-button operation, it is ideal for camping trips. The infinitely adjustable flame allows for precise cooking, whether you're just heating water for coffee or preparing a full meal.

Link: here

4th EGOE cooking station

The EGOE cooking unit is characterized by its versatility. With a modular design, you can attach various cooking appliances to the base station, from a griddle to a wok. This makes it the perfect choice for frequent travelers who like to prepare a variety of dishes.

Link: here

5. layzee portable grill and cooking station

The Layzee Portable Grill and Cooking Station is an innovative solution for outdoor cooking adventures. With a foldable design and easy mounting options, it offers a flexible solution for barbecue enthusiasts. Integrated compartments make it easy to organize cooking utensils and food.

Link: here

6. primus relegs stove

The Primus Relegs stove impresses with its high performance and stability. The wide pot supports ensure a secure hold even with larger pots. With an efficient combustion system, this stove is well suited for more demanding outdoor kitchens.

Link: here

7. mokubu portable camping gas stove

The Mokubu Mobile Outdoor Kitchen Box is a well thought-out solution for camping situations that require more than just a stove. With integrated compartments for cooking utensils, crockery and food, it offers a complete kitchen solution. Robust and easy to transport, this kitchen box is ideal for anyone who values order and efficiency.

Link: here

8th Primus Moja

The Primus Moja Camping Stove impresses with its high performance and stability. The wide pot supports ensure a secure hold even with larger pots. With an efficient combustion system, this stove is well suited for more demanding outdoor kitchens.

Link: here


Choosing the right camping cooking station depends on your individual needs and preferences. Whether you're looking for speed, versatility or compactness, there's a wide range of options that can help you whip up delicious meals in the great outdoors. Choose the cooking station that best suits your camping style and be perfectly equipped on your next adventure in the great outdoors.

BOXIO - WASH PLUS - Washbasin starter set

Whether on a relaxing camping vacation, at your mobile sales stand or on the construction site - our mobile washbasin is your faithful companion. It is lightweight, compact and completely self-sufficient. It uses very little water and you can simply refill it at any tap.
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BOXIO - WASH PLUS - Washbasin starter set

FAQ Gas cookers

Gas stoves are super practical because they are ready to use quickly and you can regulate the heat directly. They are easy to transport and therefore ideal for camping or picnics. They also work in wind and weather, which is a real advantage for outdoor activities. With a gas stove, you can cook independently of power sources, even in remote areas or in the event of a power cut at home. They are also environmentally friendly, as gas is clean-burning and emits fewer pollutants. In short, a gas stove is a real all-rounder for anyone who wants to cook flexibly and anywhere.


  • Gas stoves are very mobile and can be easily transported.
  • They heat up quickly, so you don't have to wait long for your hot meal.
  • The flame is easy to regulate, which enables precise cooking.
  • Gas stoves are independent of power sources, ideal for outdoor activities.
  • They are available in different sizes to meet different needs.

Are gas stoves safe to use?

Yes, gas stoves are safe to use if you follow the operating instructions and observe basic safety measures. Make sure you place the stove on a stable, heat-resistant surface and maintain it regularly. Only use it in well-ventilated areas to avoid the build-up of gas. Safety features such as boil-over protection and an automatic switch-off function further increase safety.

Are there special safety instructions for the use of gas stoves?

Yes, there are special safety instructions for the use of gas stoves. Always make sure to place the stove on a stable, heat-resistant surface and do not leave it unattended while it is on. Regularly check the connections for leaks to prevent gas escaping. Only use the gas stove in well-ventilated areas to minimize the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Keep flammable materials away and have a fire extinguisher to hand. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions for use.

What types of gas stoves are there?

There are different types of gas stoves, depending on where and how they are to be used. Here are some examples:

  • Camping gas stoves: Compact and portable, ideal for outdoor activities.
  • Tabletop gas stove: Slightly larger, for use on a table or solid surface.
  • Suitcase gas stove: Stowable in a suitcase, easy to transport.
  • Cartridge stoves: Use gas cartridges, often for short trips or solo camping.
  • Commercial kitchen gas stoves: Robust and powerful, for catering or gastronomy.
  • Gas hobs: Built-in solution for kitchens at home or in restaurants.

Each type has its own advantages and is ideal for different applications.

What should I consider when buying a gas hob?

When buying a gas hob, you should pay attention to the power and burn time to make sure it meets your needs. Also check the size and weight, especially if you want to transport it. The stability and quality of workmanship are also important to ensure safe use. Look out for suitable connections for gas cylinders or cartridges and consider whether you need a model with an integrated ignition safety device or wind protection. Find out about handling and care to ensure a long service life. Last but not least, you should check the safety certificates and user reviews to make a safe and reliable choice.

What areas of application are there for gas stoves?

Gas stoves are versatile. They provide hot meals and hot drinks when camping or hiking. They are also popular at festivals for quick and independent cooking. In the garden or on the patio, they serve as a flexible cooking area for outdoor events. Anglers and hunters use gas stoves to prepare freshly caught food on site. Craftsmen use them on building sites to take lunch breaks independently of restaurants. Gas stoves are also a reliable alternative to electric stoves in an emergency, in the event of a power cut.

How do I maintain and clean my gas stove properly?

To maintain and clean your gas hob properly, you should regularly remove food residues and grease from the surface and burners. Use a soft sponge and mild washing-up liquid for this. Make sure that the gas nozzles are not blocked. After cleaning, dry the stove well to prevent rust from forming. Check the hoses and connections regularly for leaks and wear. If necessary, these parts should be replaced to ensure safe cooking.

What alternatives are there to gas stoves?

Alternatives to gas stoves include electric stoves, spirit burners, petrol stoves and wood-burning stoves. Electric stoves are ideal if you have access to a power source. Spirit burners are lightweight and easy to use, perfect for simple meals when camping. Petrol stoves are powerful and reliable in all weathers, while wood-burning stoves are the natural choice for outdoor adventures where fuel is readily available. Each of these alternatives has its own advantages and disadvantages, depending on what you need them for.

How often do I need to change the gas cartridge?

The frequency of changing a gas cartridge depends on its capacity and your consumption. With normal camping use, you may need to change a small cartridge after a few days, while a larger one can last several weeks if used sparingly. Simply observe how quickly it empties and you will get a feel for when it needs changing.

Can gas stoves be used in the home?

No, the use of gas stoves in the home is not recommended. Gas stoves are designed for outdoor use, as burning gas produces carbon monoxide, which can lead to dangerous concentrations indoors. It is important to use them in well-ventilated areas to avoid the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Indoors, you should always ensure that cooking appliances are approved for indoor use.

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