Fiat Doblo Camper: Comfortable seating under construction (+ BOXIO tips)

Fiat Doblo Camper: Bequemes Sitzen im Ausbau (+ BOXIO-Tipps)

Convert (have) a Fiat Doblo into a camper? Great idea! The Fiat Doblo panel van may be small, but it packs a punch! Despite its compact dimensions, it offers more space than many other mini campers. The model is therefore interesting for everyone who perhaps lives in the city but would like to have a little more space than in Caddy & Co. If there aren't too many people traveling with you, the Fiat Doblo is perfect for everyday life and vacation! In this article we will tell you how you can sit upright in the (built-in) bed and at the same time easily accommodate a separating toilet like the BOXIO. You will also find out how you can design your Fiat expansion!

Sit comfortably upright in the Fiat Doblo Camper with BOXIO

Thoughtful use of space and compact solutions are a big issue with the Fiat Doblo. Did you know that many prefabricated extensions for this model are standardized to Eurobox size ? This means that you have space for several Euroboxes under the bed and at the same time it is only high enough to sit comfortably upright.

In addition to your other utensils, you also have great space for a separating toilet in Eurobox format and a camping sink (also in Eurobox size)! Simply store it under the bed and quickly retrieve it when needed. This means you can stop briefly on the go and use the BOXIO toilet . Or you can put them in a small awning at the campsite for more privacy.

Tip : Both boxes are also great as storage space when they are outside and you can even just sit on them (with the lid too of course 😉).


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Which Fiat Doblo versions are there for camping?

The Fiat Doblo offers different versions and therefore an optimal selection for camping fans:

  1. Fiat Doblo Camper: With its compact dimensions, this basic version of the popular van is ideal for individual adaptations or expansion if the space requirement is not too much.
  2. Fiat Doblo Maxi Camper: The Fiat Doblo Maxi is characterized by more spacious space. With more space, it allows for more comfortable travel and provides additional storage space for camping equipment.
  3. Fiat Doblo Maxi XL Camper: The Fiat Doblo Maxi XL is based on the Maxi model and has even more space.
  4. Fiat Doblo Maxi XL high roof camper (high roof station wagon): This model is based on the Maxi XL design and also offers a high roof. This not only ensures more headroom in the interior, but also opens up the possibility of integrating higher shelves, which further increases comfort on camping trips.

All versions of the Fiat Doblo Camper, from the compact standard model to the spacious Maxi XL high-roof camper, offer numerous options for designing the interior according to your own wishes, thus ensuring a comfortable and individual camping experience.


What are the 3 main advantages of a Fiat Doblo campervan?

A Fiat Doblo camper has the following three advantages:

  1. Parking: Thanks to its compact dimensions, the vehicle is extremely easy to park. It fits easily into tight parking spaces, making it easier for you to find a suitable parking space.
  2. Maneuverability: The Fiat Doblo impresses with its excellent maneuverability. This makes driving on narrow roads and tight curves easier, which is particularly advantageous on rural and mountainous routes.
  3. Fuel efficiency: With its economical engines, the Fiat also offers you impressive fuel efficiency. This enables longer journeys without frequent refueling stops. This way you save money and protect the environment at the same time.

The combination of easy parking, excellent maneuverability and low fuel consumption make the Fiat Doblo the ideal companion in the city or in remote natural areas.

What shouldn't be missing from any Fiat Doblo camper conversion?

Now let's move on to the Fiat Doblo Camping expansion. Regardless of whether you take everything into your own hands or commission a professional to do the expansion: In this article we have put together some important information for you that you should pay attention to when it comes to your mini motorhome.

  • Comfortable sleeping and rest zone: Foldable sleeping bench or fixed bed box for a comfortable sleep.
  • Ample storage space: space for camping equipment, clothing and food.
  • Compact kitchen: gas stove and camping sink for outdoor dining.
  • Fresh and wastewater system: For comfort and independence.
  • Ventilation: For a pleasant indoor climate.
  • Reliable power source: solar panels or second battery for electronic devices.
  • Personal touch: Individual decoration and design elements for a cozy atmosphere.

With your Fiat Doblo you really have a lot of design options and can let your creativity run wild. Equipment details such as self-sewn curtains or a chain of lights really make the camper “your” van and ensure a real feel-good atmosphere.

Tip : You can find out more about expanding in our articles “ Van expansion: DIY ideas for preparation and expansion ” and “ Mini camper expansion – here’s how it works ”.

Optimal use of space in the Fiat Doblo: 5 practical tips

This is how you can make even better use of the space in the Fiat Doblo:

  1. Hanging Storage: Take advantage of vertical space by adding hanging storage solutions like nets or hooks to the walls to store clothes, shoes, or kitchen utensils.
  2. Foldable solutions: Opt for foldable or collapsible kitchen appliances and other utensils to free up space after use.
  3. Sleeping Space Optimization: Use hanging bags near the sleeping area to keep personal items within easy reach without compromising sleeping comfort.
  4. Organizational Aids: Simply use a few baskets to keep small things organized and easily accessible.
  5. Minimalist approach: Reduce all items to the essentials and avoid excessive furnishings to keep the room clutter-free.

By following these recommendations, you can really make the most of the space in the Fiat Doblo and create a well-organized camping environment.

Tip : Do you like it? Get even more tips and check out our absolute must-haves for the ultimate mini camper adventure!


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Fiat Doblo Camper: Conclusion

Fiat Doblo & Camping? As you can see, the Fiat Doblo is a top choice , especially among mini campers, because it offers a lot of space and can therefore be designed more individually than many other small panel vans. A Fiat Doblo Van is perfect if you go camping alone or as a couple, want to use the car in everyday life and at the same time don't want to miss out on a little comfort in the form of a BOXIO toilet or BOXIO sink !

Tip : Is the Fiat mini camper a little too small for you? Then take a look at the following alternatives: Mercedes Vito Camper or Discover the Volkswagen T5 Camper with BOXIO


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Fiat Doblo Camper: FAQ

Can you sleep in the Fiat Doblo?

Yes, the Fiat Doblo can be converted into a comfortable camper and you can then sleep in it.

How much does the Fiat Doblo cost?

The cost of a Fiat Doblo varies depending on the model and features. If you are looking for a used car: the price for a mini motorhome in Germany often starts at 6,000 euros!

How reliable is the Fiat Doblo?

The Fiat Doblo is generally a very reliable vehicle, but experiences may vary depending on maintenance and individual use.


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