Ford Transit Camper: Experience the ultimate adventure with BOXIO!

Ford Transit Camper: Mit BOXIO das ultimative Abenteuer erleben!

Do you dream of outdoor adventures and are you looking for a reliable companion for your travels? Then the Ford Transit Camper Van is just right for you! In this article, you'll find out why the Ford Transit is particularly suitable for camping activities. Find out which indispensable equipment features are part of every Ford Transit camper van and get valuable tips on how you can easily transform your own Ford Transit into a comfortable camper van. The fact that a small, practical mobile toilet such as the BOXIO-Toilet goes without saying!

BOXIO - TOILET Plus composting toilet starter kit

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BOXIO - TOILET Plus composting toilet starter kit

What makes the BOXIO toilet indispensable for your camping adventure?

You love camping and the outdoor life, we know that. But even die-hard outdoor fans sometimes want a little more comfort on their travels. That's where the BOXIO-Toiletcomes in handy. It fits perfectly into smaller campers such as the Ford Transit, does not have to be installed separately and can be easily removed and emptied. This makes it an indispensable companion on shorter trips or when Vanlife. Trust us, it will serve you well!

Why is a Ford Transit perfect for camping?

Due to its versatility and spacious interior, a Ford Transit is particularly suitable for camping and also for Vanlife. With sufficient space for conversion into a camper van, the Ford Transit offers various sizes and equipment variants that can be adapted to individual needs. Its camping models enable comfortable travel and are ideal for longer adventures with economical fuel consumption, especially in the diesel variants. Its proven reliability and robust construction make the Ford Transit the perfect partner for unforgettable camping experiences.

What campers are available based on the Ford Transit?

There are various alternatives based on the Ford Transit, which are compact and versatile campervans that are ideal for camping adventures. Here are some of the most popular camper van variants:

  1. Ford Transit Custom: The Ford Transit Custom is an ideal starting point for converting into a camper van. It offers a good size and gives you the flexibility to comfortably equip it with sleeping berths, a kitchenette and storage space.
  2. Ford Transit Custom Nugget: The Ford Transit Nugget is an official camper van that was developed in collaboration with a renowned motorhome manufacturer. It is characterized by a well-designed interior, a comfortable sleeping area and practical furnishings.
  3. Ford Transit Custom Nugget Plus: The Ford Nugget Plus is an extended model of the Transit Custom Nugget and therefore offers additional living space and more storage space.
  4. Ford Transit Connect campervan: The Ford Transit Connect is a smaller version of the Transit and is suitable for solo travelers or couples. Nevertheless, it can be equipped with basic camping equipment.

These campervans based on the Ford Transit offer a good balancebetween mobility and comfort and are therefore ideal for camping adventures and trips to a wide variety of regions. Their size and flexibility make them a popular choice for camping enthusiasts looking for an uncomplicated yet cozy travel experience.

What are the 5 key benefits of the Ford Transit?

The Ford Transit offers several advantages that make it an attractive option for camping and traveling purposes:

  1. Lots of space: The Ford Transit generally has plenty of interior and storage space. This means you can take more equipment and luggage with you.
  2. Many equipment options: The Ford Transit is available in many different sizes and equipment variants, including different heights and wheelbases. So you can adapt it even better to your individual needs.
  3. Rugged construction: The Ford Transit is known for its robust construction and reliability, which makes it particularly suitable for long-distance and off-road driving.
  4. Fuel-efficient engines:The modern Ford Transit models are equipped with economical diesel engines, which ensure efficient fuel consumption and make longer journeys more cost-effective.
  5. Good value for money:The Ford Transit is often extremely attractively priced without compromising on quality and functionality.

What belongs in every Ford Transit camper?

Every Ford Transit van should have a certain amount of equipment to make it a comfortable and functional campervan:

  1. Sleeping area: A comfortable bed or sleeping accommodation is essential for overnight stays in the van.
  2. Kitchenette: A small but well-equipped kitchenette with sink, cooking facilities and fridge allows you to prepare simple meals.
  3. Storage space: Sufficient storage space for clothes, food, camping equipment and personal items is important to keep the camper tidy and organized.
  4. Water and waste water supply: A water tank and a waste water collection point are essential for the supply of fresh water and the disposal of waste water.
  5. Electrical supply: A power source, be it through an additional battery, is important to operate electrical devices in the camper.
  6. Lighting: Efficient lighting creates a pleasant atmosphere in the van and allows you to see well even in the dark.
  7. Windows and ventilation: Sufficient windows and ventilation options ensure fresh air and brightness inside the camper.
  8. Toilet: A compact dry separation toilet such as the BOXIO-Toilet is essential for hygiene and comfort in the Ford Transit.
  9. Seating: A comfortable seat with table allows you to relax and eat in the camper.
  10. Insulation and heating: Good insulation and heating ensure that your mini campervan stays warm and cozy when needed, especially in cooler seasons.

This list is not exhaustive and may vary depending on personal preferences. It is important to equip the camper according to your personal needs to ensure a pleasant and comfortable camping experience.

Tip: The Ford Transit is also ideal for weekend trips! In our article "Your weekend trip with the camper or tent" you will find our top recommendations for short trips within Germany.

Would you like to build your own Ford Transit camper van conversion? You can find out what you need to consider here:

How to convert the Ford Transit into a campervan

Converting your Ford Transit into a campervan can be a challenging but rewarding task. Here are some steps that can help you:


Start with careful planning by thinking about the functions and featuresyou want in your van. Draw a floor plan, paying particular attention to the space required for the sleeping area, kitchenette and storage space.


Insulate your DIYcamper is a must! Use high-quality insulating materialsto better regulate heat and cold.

Sleeping area

Design and build a comfortable sleeping area with, for example, a extendable bed or other sleeping accommodation that meets your needs.


Make sure that the kitchenette in the Ford Transit is equipped with a sink, cooking facilities, refrigeratorfridgeand sufficient storage space for cooking utensils and food.

Recommendation for a practical camping sink: The BOXIO-Wash is an excellent choice for outdoor enthusiasts who need a portable sink without a power and water connection. Thanks to its versatility, it can be taken and used anywhere.

Electric supply

A power source (e.g. battery or solar panel) must be provided to operate electrical devices and lighting in the motorhome.

Storage space

Integrate clever storage space to store personal items, camping equipment and clothing and keep the interior tidy.

Tip: You can use the Eurobox system for this. The best thing is that the Boxio toilet (in handy Eurobox format) then fits easily and inconspicuously under the bed next to the other boxes or even in the passenger compartment! And as a footrest.

Note: It is very important that you proceed carefully and safely with the removal, especially with the electrical installation and other technical aspects. If you do not have the necessary expertise, it is advisable to seek professional assistance.

Ford Transit Camper: Conclusion

Camper & Ford Transit? It's great, whether you get an already converted model like the Ford Transit Custom Nugget or convert the bus yourself for your next vacation. You can comfortably arrange the interior according to your wishes and have enough space for a double bed, a kitchen and seating for the whole family. With the matching pop-up roof, the children can also sleep in the camper. As you don't have a proper bathroom on board the mini camper, we recommend a separate toilet such as the BOXIO. It's ultralight and compactand you're guaranteed to be able to stow it next to all your other things. That's a promise!

Good trip!


Whether it's for washing your hands after using the toilet, washing up in between or brushing your teeth in the evening - make sure you get our portable camping sink!
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Ford Transit Camper: FAQ

Which campers are available from Ford?

Ford offers various camper models based on the Ford Transit, including the Ford Transit Custom Nugget and the Nugget Plus.

Which is better Fiat Ducato or Ford Transit?

This depends entirely on individual needs and preferences, as both vehicles have their strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, neither the Fiat Ducato nor the Ford Transit is generally better, but it depends on the specific requirements.

What does a Ford camper van cost?

The price of a Ford Transit Camper varies depending on the equipment variant (for example manual or automatic transmission) and individual customizations, but usually starts at around 40,000 euros and can also be significantly higher depending on the equipment and accessories.

What does a used Ford Transit Camper cost


Want to buy a used Ford Transit? The offers for a used Ford Transit Camper vary greatly depending on age, condition, mileage and equipment, but in most cases are between 20,000 and 50,000 euros.


BOXIO SIT - seat cushion - the perfect vanlife companion!
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